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Value and cost of Membership

Through Membership of either ACE or ACET you are entitled to certain benefits, which will help to further enhance your career, business and professional profile.

The benefits of Membership make both commercial and financial sense.

There is commercial value in Membership:

  • As the IT industry becomes more regulated, those with Membership will benefit, as clients will begin to demand accredited and insured IT professionals.

There is financial value in Membership:

  • If you analyse the cost of annual Membership of ACE or ACET, £960 per annum, it is evident that the value of the benefits provided through Membership far exceeds the cost of Membership.

The Benefits:

Promotion, Managed Referral and Advertising

  • The Association advertises and promotes it’s Membership on a national basis to local and national government, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and the commercial sector.
  • The Association promotes through direct enquiries, incoming enquiries are referred directly to members in their region and specific to their expertise.
  • The value of this promotion alone to an IT professional on a regional area basis is significant.
  • Aside from this, the Association advertises and promotes it’s Membership through media such as radio, television and trade exhibitions.
  • Additionally the Association Newsletter has a global distribution.


  • Through Membership insurance is automatically provided under the Association’s Public Liability and Professional Indemnity cover for £2,000,000 and £1,000,000 respectively (can be increased by separate agreement).
  • A typical IT Consultant would normally expect to pay between £600 and £1400 for this type of insurance cover.

Legal Support

  • Inclusive of Membership there is a referral for Members to appropriate solicitors, with Association support where applicable.

Financial Benefit

  • The Association has ensured that the cost of Membership Fee charged is far less than the less that the value of Benefits afforded to Members.
  • The Value of Membership is the committed support of the Association and the estimated saving to an IT professional of more than £2000 a year for the inclusive benefits.
  • Membership is tax deductible.

Cost of Membership

  • Membership the Association is retained by payment of an annual fee of £960.
  • Annual Membership can also be paid by 12 monthly instalments of £80

By Special Agreement

Cost of Membership for Applicants Currently Insured.

  • Applicants with existing insurance arrangements, current and in force, may join the Association for an annual fee of £86, or £8 per month, providing that;
    • The insurers are approved Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurers.
    • The limits of Professional Insurance are not less than £2,000,000 Public Liability and £1,000,000 Professional Indemnity
  • Upon Membership the insurance coverage must be maintained in accordance with the terms and limits of 1 and 2 herein or the Association member may subsequently transfer to the insurance coverage provided through one of the Associations, in which case the annual Membership Fee will be £960 per annum.
  • At all times a Member must be insured in accordance with provisions 1 and 2 herein either through full Membership or independently

Increased Insured Limits

  • Subject to acceptance by insurers members may at an additional cost increase the Professional insurance coverage beyond the £2,000,000 Public Liability and £1,000,000 Professional Indemnity limits.