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Most professionals in other sectors are legally obliged to have Professional Indemnity Insurance. At present those engaged in the IT sector, surprisingly are not. This in itself shows the lack of current regulation in the IT Industry.

  • Members of the Association are automatically insured for £5m worth of Public Liability, £1m worth of Professional Indemnity, £10m worth of Employer Liability and £5m of Product Liability.

  • These insurances are underwritten through Lloyds and International Insurers, specialist insurers in the field of Public Liability and Professional Indemnity.

  • Upon acceptance into the Association, the new member will be given an Association Member’ s Pack, within which is a Certificate of Insurance in the name of the Association member and a copy of the Associations’ insurance policy under which the certificate is issued.

  • These Insurances give added security to Association members’ clients as well as to Association members, since the consequences of trading uninsured can be disastrous.

The Association, along with the Department of Trade and Industry, believe that those operating in the IT sector should at least have Public Liability Insurance, to insure against claims arising whilst attending a third party’ s premises, when using and/repairing a third party’ s computer and/or software and/or system.

In simple terms if an engineer attends a client’ s home or office and accidently causes damage, who is liable for that damage?

Do you believe your client base would prefer you to have Public Liability Insurance, with the security and protection it provides?

With regard to Professional Indemnity insurance, most government departments now require IT consultants to carry this insurance, as do many professional clients in areas such as Accountancy, law, Finance and Medicine. Awareness of loss through negligence also extends to general business and trading. With the gaining importance of home data storage, such awareness will soon be extended into the home.

Do you believe your client base would prefer you to have Professional Indemnity Insurance, with the security and protection it provides?

Aside from the security these Insurances provide, they also show your clients that you are a serious professional.